The Real Losers In The Serena / Osaka Match Is The Cry Baby Left

The story came through my face book this morning- “It`s Shameful What U.S. Open Did To Naomi Osaka“. I read through it taken back by the events that they described- Serena`s horrible attitude towards the ref and back and forth arguing with him, the throwing of her racket and finally the disrespect given to the young competitor who beat her, but I didn`t really pay much more attention until not long after when I started seeing stories blaming Serena`s loss on sexism. As it turns out, what should have been a congratulatory day for Naomi Osaka, the 20 year old who became the first Japanese woman ever to win the Grand Slam singles, turned into day filled with accusations of sexism attempting to invalidate Osaka`s win. Yes, the cry baby left somehow claims that even though the match was between two women, that somehow sexism on the part of the ref was to blame in her loss. I can only imagine how much more pathetic the melt down would be had Serena`s opponent been white, or in the case of the ref – “A F*cking White Male!”.

Watching the left pick sides in a match between two people of color is kind of ironic. In the end however, it`s pretty obvious that they are using sexism because ultimately they are upset that a black woman didn`t get to tie a White woman`s record, and that is one statue that will now remain standing.

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