Dat Legacy: Only 750 People Show For Obama Midterm Campaign Rally

America`s 44th president returned to the campaign trail this past week, kicking off his tour leading up to midterms at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. The media loved it. His teleprompter never failed him so they glorified him for his eloquent speech. With googley eyes the media never blinked as the president whose term was defined by divisive politics gaslighted the nation, admonishing President Trump and the GOP for divisive politics. Then came the pièce de résistance, the line that made the media cream their pants- “How hard can it be to say nazi`s are bad?” It was played over and over and quoted on all the alt left and establishment media outlets, but as double standards define the left, none of these people ever asked why the former president would never say that radical islam was bad. In the end, this was supposed to have been his triumphant return to help the democrats in the run up to the midterms, but in democrat dominated California only 750 people showed up in a stadium that can hold 7,500. Despite his narcissistic speech and claiming credit for Trump`s economy, the good news is that he has returned to the campaign trail just in time to remind people why they voted for Trump. Midterms are coming up. The biggest threat to our democracy is apathy and indifference. Make sure you get out and vote.

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