Antifa Leader Dwayne Dixon Charged With Assault

Dwayne Dixon, an antifa member and University of North Carolina anthropology professor, was charged with assault for an incident during the August 20th mob toppling of the Silent Sam statue. Dixon as well as many other antifa associates were involved with the vandalism. As Big League Politics posted here:

“The Antifa leaders who tore down the Silent Sam Confederate statue on August 20 on the University of North Carolina campus were also integrally involved in Antifa activities at the fatal “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. Big League Politics has exclusively obtained information on the suspects. This information is currently in the possession of Chapel Hill police officers. The evidence below exposes a close-knit sect of left-wing agitators mostly based in Durham, North Carolina. Their network operates in part out of the Elevate MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gym in Durham, where the conspirators practice combat techniques, and is linked to high-profile activists including Chelsea Manning.” 

The article goes on to give extensive information about antifa associates and leaders Josh Mascharka, Sam Carey, Adam Luke Senecaut, Lauren Nicole Aucoin and Anderson Sweetser. You can read it all here

We posted an article on Dwayne Dixon here. He likes to portray himself as a tough guy ready to “bash the fash” but as shown in this video he cries like a bitch and calls the cops when confronted by a reporter. It`s even more hilarious when you realize that antifa regularly chant “F*ck the police” at protests and call them racists and klan members. So here you have an anti cop / anti system tough guy who runs to the police when he feels threatened. As they say, the memes write themselves lol.

Dixon was also the guy who bragged about chasing James Fields with a rifle shortly before the tragic accident in Charlottesville. Just to put this in perspective, you have violent armed members of antifa admitting to starting the violence and attacking people at the Charlottesville rally. Dwayne Dixon personally brags about chasing James Fields with a gun, and later as Fields is driving down a street someone hits his car causing him to speed into the crowd. It can be said that had Dixon not threatened him earlier perhaps he wouldn`t have been on such high alert and panicked when his car was attacked. You can see that attack clearly in the video here.

These are just a few of many violent incidents Dwayne Dixon has been involved in. One is curious how he is still allowed to teach and be put in a position of influence at the University of North Carolina

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