EU Attacking Hungary`s Sovereignty. Attempts To Take Away Their Voting Rights For Not Following Their Tyrannical Dictates

The immigration situation in Europe has gone way past the crisis level and some countries have had enough. Most recently Italy voted in a new government that has vowed to stop the influx of refugee / immigrants flooding their country and have stopped the boats carrying these people from docking. Previously Hungary and Poland both adopted hardline stances against immigration against the demands of the EU. Curiously these are the only countries that are not having terrorist attacks, mass rape epidemics, gang warfare, etc. The EU, not being happy with Hungary in particular for wanting to preserve it`s national identity, has said they will censure them which may lead to their voting rights being taken away. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has responded saying “Whatever your decision will be, Hungary will not accede to this blackmail,” “Hungary will protect its borders, stop illegal migration and defend its rights,”.  Poland has stepped up in defense of Hungary saying “Every country has its sovereign right to make internal reforms it deems appropriate,”. The EU, which was originally formed as a way to unify European countries, has essentially become a governing body that created it`s own rules. This governing body now takes away the sovereignty of individual countries and undermines the democratic elections of these countries when the people vote for policies or leaders who do not want to follow their tyrannical dictates- like forcing them to destroy their national identity by accepting mass immigration. It`s great to see Poland standing up against the EU and with the elections of populist leaders across Europe, it would be great to eventually see a populist block formed to counter the EU.

As a side note, American media outlet CNN has republished a piece saying that Hungary is a threat to international order and that the U.S. needs to take action. It`s really no surprise that they would republish a piece like this. It`s obvious that they are globalist tools that salivate at the thought of imposing military and authoritarian control over anyone including entire countries whose politics they disagree with. This is the authoritarian left.

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