Fake Hate Crime: Woman Says She Was Attacked By Trump Supporting Teens

Another day another fake hate crime. This time it`s from 19 year old Adwoa Lewis from Long Island. ABC7 NY writes that “She claimed that she was driving home when a group of four teenagers approached her, yelled “Trump 2016!” and stated that she didn’t belong here. Lewis also claimed that after she parked her car in front of her house, she woke up the next day to find slashed tires and a note that read, “Go Home.”

As it turned out, this never happened. She eventually admitted to writing the note herself. As we wrote here back in 2016“Most hate crimes are fake. They are either used by lonely people who want attention and that purple heart of victim hood, or they are made up to try and absolve oneself of personal responsibility for their own actions. Democrats have also been caught setting them up and faking them at Trump rallies. Keep that in mind while mass media continuously tells you about violent racist Trump supporters.”

Furthermore: “…fake allegations that white people are vandalizing properties and attacking others based on their race does nothing more than cause even more divisions in society by fostering an unjustified hatred against whites based on those false allegations.” 

Mass media continuously jumps the gun on reporting on hate crimes all the while ignoring actual hate crimes. As a people we need our own civil rights organizations, lawyers etc to start addressing this bias and false accusations. You can read about those here

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