Democrat Voting Tactics. Why Don`t We Do These Things?

There are at least 3 far left radical socialists running for governor in three Republican run states. Two of those states, Georgia and Florida, currently have very few gun restrictions as well as stand your ground laws which allow would be victims to defend themselves legally. That could change dramatically if democrats win the election. In Georgia`s case, the democrat candidate running for governor, Stacey Abrams, says you are a bigot if you stand your ground. Second Amendment Daily also saysshe is very likely the most left-wing, anti-gun candidate for governor in the country running this year.” Likewise in Florida, democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has “led the charge” against 2nd Amendment rights afforded to the people of the state. Aside from rights infringements, these people also economically threaten the states. In an article here, Mises lays out how a “Bernie Sanders-Endorsed Florida Man Threatens America’s Freest Economy”. Stacey Abrams as well As Ben Jealous in Maryland follow the same socialist policies. In all three cases the left is ecstatic that these people could become their states first black governor. They say this is progress, but the fact is that not only does Florida and Georgia currently allow some of the greatest protections of civil liberties for blacks, but both states have the highest number of black owned businesses of all the states in the country as well. That is true progress. The socialist policies being put forth by both of these candidates would undoubtedly destroy that. How ironic would it be that the states first black governors destroy these businesses with their overbearing polices as well as roll back their civil  liberties? These are things the left does not think about, and honestly probably do not care about as they do not want a successful constituency. If people were successful they would not be dependent on government and in turn they could not control them.

Below is a screenshot from David Hogg`s twitter. This is how the left wins in areas they normally wouldn`t, by registering voters and getting them to the voting booths while the other side stays home. You can`t say that voting is a waste of time and then complain when radical leftists are elected and raise your taxes and infringe on you rights. Explain this to people, emphasize the importance of their vote. Get out and get involved and get involved in these institutions. Learn from their tactics and implement them for our side.

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