47 Year Old Saleh Ali Arrested After Cops Find Homemade IED In His Car. National Media Silent

47 year old Saleh Ali was arrested on September 18th after police find homemade IED`s in his car. He was pulled over for expired tags in California at which time Brea Police Lt. Adam Hawley said “the officer keyed in on a couple of suspicious items in the car he believed to be an explosive device…”. “He detained the driver out of an abundance of caution, locked down a little bit of the area and called out sheriff’s bomb squad deputies.” Despite driving around with suspected homemade bombs coupled with court records showing that he has two prior convictions in New Jersey for aggravated assault with serious bodily injury and terrorist threats, he was given bail and was ordered to return to court for a September 28th pre trial hearing.

We`re not sure what his previous home address was or if his neighbors had seen anything suspicious, but this goes back to “If you see something say something” plea. This line is pushed as being essential to our safety but then mass media will use it to create division and claim racism when the people called on are one of their favored classes. Establishment media outlet Vice published an article whining about people calling the cops on suspicious black people who were in their neighborhoods. Those people turned out to be door to door politicians but nevertheless strange people in a neighborhood displaying suspicious behavior is a perfectly good reason. You might remember back when the San Bernardino mass shooting occurred that the neighbor of the couple said that even though she was suspicious of activity she didn`t want to call police because she was afraid of profiling muslims. This is called conditioning. It is one more way to use political correctness to attack our homogeneity and destroy the natural survival instincts in us. The fact that a woman suspected suspicious activity from two people who later turned out to commit a mass shooting didn`t say anything for fear of racism shows just how ingrained this marxist poison has become. Quit letting the fear of being called racist control you. It is being used to dismantle and destroy Western Civilization and you`re being complicit in it.

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