Antifa Attack Elderly Man At Portland Protest. Now Police Might Charge Him?

You`ve seen the video, it`s all over social media as well as being played on some mainstream news outlets like Fox. (And kudos to Fox for bringing this despicable attack to American viewers.) The video is from this past weekend in Portland in which the violent alt left group that calls themselves antifa joined with members of black lives matter and shut down the streets, attacking people who were trying to drive down the road when they wouldn`t turn when ordered to. One of the victims of this lynch mob happened to be an elderly gentleman. His car was surrounded and attacked and he did what any reasonable person would do, he tried to get away. Unlike when James Fields car was attacked in Charlottesville which led him to ram through a group of protestors trying to get away, this guy made sure everyone was out of the way before he sped off.

Now an article posted by Gateway Pundit about this links to another article written by “Far left Willamette Week hack reporter Katie Sheppard” making the claim that police are looking for witnesses to come forward in order to possibly charge the driver.  It says “A spokesman for the bureau says officers may forward evidence to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office without additional witnesses, but having the pedestrians’ statements might strengthen a case against the driver prosecutors decide to bring one.” This would be a disgusting charge to bring especially seeing as how the police stood down and watched everything from a distance so as to “not inflame the situation”. If anyone would like to call and ask why charges are being considered against an elderly gentlemen who was being attacked while police stood by and did nothing, you can find contact info for the Portland Police Department here

Btw, please tell your elderly friends and neighbors that if they are ever in such a situation DO NOT exit their vehicle.

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