Cuban Americans Confront Nancy Pelosi, Call Her Communist

Nancy Pelosi was confronted and heckled by Pro Trump Cuban Americans outside of a campaign office in Miami Florida where she was to meet with Donna Shalala, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, and California Rep. Barbara Lee. The protestors held signs denouncing communism while calling Pelosi a communist as well as a few other choice words. The main target however was Barbara Lee who had given praise to Castro after his death in 2016. Protestors surrounded the building and police and secret service wound up locking the doors after it started and refused to let people in. Several people who claimed to have had tickets were denied entrance. It`s good to see democrats getting a taste of their own “Confront them no matter where you see them” medicine. One democrat, Katy Sorenson even whined that “It’s unfortunate that a group of peaceful citizens can’t engage with the candidates they support while the protesters get to do whatever they want.” That`s irony. What should be noted is that while so many Americans dream of a communist / socialist utopia, these Cuban Americans who actually know how insufferable communism is came here to escape it.

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