The Root: We Need Less White Voters

Among the many reasons to get you out to the poll, this should be one of them. “Black News” website The Root (which has been called the Stormfront for black people) recently ran a story titled “What Taylor Swift Did Is Cool, I Guess. But We Need Fewer White People to Vote, Not More”. It goes on to say:

“Maybe we’re getting it all wrong. Maybe instead of trying to get more of us to vote, the push should be to get less of them to vote. Maybe on Election Day, we should erect targeted barricades at each and every crucible of whiteness, from Cracker Barrel to Lululemon, so they can’t escape until voting is over. Maybe we should push to have soccer moms and suburbanites take citizenship tests before they’re able to vote, and maybe these tests should have unanswerable questions like “Where is Egyptian Musk manufactured?” and undoable tasks like “Sing the third verse in Lift Every Voice And Sing.” Maybe we should just scratch everyone named “Susan” from the polls. Just think about how much better our country would be for everyone—women, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, immigrants, and even Kappas—if only like 17 white people were able to vote.”

Keep this in mind as midterms approach. There are plenty of people counting on you sitting out.

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