#MeToo Accusations Against Cory Booker

You all remember the rush to judgement by Cory Booker as well as the rest of the democrat party against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the face of unsubstantiated claims of sexual assault levied against him, well now a new claim has been levied against Cory Booker himself. An anonymous man has stepped forward claiming that Cory Booker sexually assaulted him in a bathroom in 2014. It is a much more detailed account then the one given by Christina Ford and there is no reason why it shouldn`t be taken as credible. An FBI investigation should immediately be launched, and whether or not he actually did it, the that fact that he could of is reason enough for him to step down and have the people of New Jersey vote for a new Senator. Adding to this new accusation, it should be noted that Booker admitted to sexually assaulting a girl back in 1992, a fact that came out at the exact same time he was playing Spartacus and taking the moral high ground in the Kavanaugh hearings. As usual however, just like the claims against Keith Ellison, democrats are ignoring or doing their best to play down these same type of accusations that they demand Republicans be held liable for. As for the accusations against Booker now, there is a 4 page transcript detailing the assault. Some details include:

I stopped to use one of the building’s single-occupancy restrooms. Upon washing my hands prior to leaving, I hear knocking on the door. When it comes to these restrooms, it is customary to knock first in case someone is using it, even though there is an inner lock. When I opened the door, Mr. Booker was there. He smiled and very gregariously said, “Hey!” We engaged in some brief idle chitchat in the entryway and then he asked me to speak in private. What happened next, happened so fast that it was hard for me to comprehend what was going on. It was one of those surreal moments where what was happening was such a deviation and such a perversion of one’s natural daily routine that I hardly knew how to react. He pulled me into the bathroom, albeit not too forcefully, and slowly pushed me against the restroom wall. He said that “Being a hero was a serious turn-on.” He continued, “The Senate appreciates fine citizens like you. Especially this senator.” He then put his left hand on my groin, over my jeans, and began to rub. I seem to remember saying something like “What is happening?” It was a bit like having vertigo. He then used his other hand to grab my left hand with his right and pulled it over to touch him. At the same time, he disengaged from rubbing me and used his left hand to push me to my knees from my shoulder for what was clearly a move to have me perform oral sex on him. At that point, I pulled away quite violently and told him I had to go. I did not see him again before he left.

Cory Booker once claimed he cried tears of rage over President Trump`s rhetoric. We wonder if the man who was allegedly assaulted by Cory Booker in the bathroom did as well after this encounter.

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