Journalist Dies After Hate Crime Attack. National Media Silent

You`ve seen the non stop coverage about Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post journalist who they say was killed at a Saudi consulate in Istanbul. That`s because when it comes to journalists no one else gets any higher level of attention then when one of their own is victimized. As another example, local people will remember the daily coverage and remembrances of those killed in the Capital Gazette shooting, while at the same time those killed in day to day violence in Baltimore were just another story. It happens regularly as journalists hold their own on a higher pedestal than any one else. One journalist story that is not receiving attention however is that of Jerry Wolkowitz, a 55 year old New Jersey journalist, freelance photographer and EMT volunteer. According to prosecutors, on May 1st of this year he was attacked by 25 year old Jamil S. Hubbard who hit him on the back of the head and in the face before dragging him into a parking lot where he stole his car and ran him over. A Go Fund Me page says that “all his ribs broken, his pelvis crushed, his shoulder broken, and (he) has been left in a coma and dependent on a ventilator to breathe.” Jerry was left in a vegetative state for 6 months until he unfortunately passed away last week due to kidney failure. In a September court hearing, assistant prosecutor Keri-Leigh Schaefer said Hubbard “explained that he chose him because he was a white man,” and that Hubbard had never met Wolkowitz but wanted to kill him because he was white.

This is another in a long line of biased media reporting when it comes to hate crime reporting. We`ve posted many other similar stories in the past here. Ask yourself why such stories don`t receive the same attention. When you constantly tell one group of people that they are being hunted and victimized it creates a bias and backlash against whites who are already targeted as a group regularly for collective racism. In short it leads to even more hate crimes being committed against whites. That begs the question- What is mass media`s real agenda?

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