Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue: Simpsons To Drop Apu After SJW Whining

Social Justice Warriors are on the frontlines fighting racism and social injustice wherever it rears it`s ugly head. The latest outrages have been identified and the lines have been drawn. While we usually have a good laugh at the complaints being put forth by these people, today`s post is a rather sad one. Beloved Simpsons character Apu, the Kwik-E-Mart owner is being written out of future episodes of the Simpsons thanks to whining by social justice warriors. Despite over 30 years of episodes, the Brave New World that has spawned the snowflake generation is now responsible for killing off a legalized immigrant and hard working store owner and family man.

Why is he being written out of future episodes? Because the sjw crowd has complained about Apu being racially stereotyped. There however is no complaint about the stereotyping of Willie, the Irish groundskeeper. There is no complaint about Homer being a white American father and portrayed as an alcoholic dunce. There is no complaint about Bart being a boy and portrayed as a dumb troublemaker. There is no complaint about Lisa being a girl and portrayed as a nerd with no social skills, and so on. This is pretty ironic seeing that the majority of these liberal snowflakes are white themselves. And they wonder why they are a laughing stock to everyone else.

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