Ebony Magazine Profiles 18 Black Women Running For Congress. Leaves Out All Republicans. It`s Time For Blexit

Ebony magazine recently ran a piece highlighting the black women running for Congress. The article titled “Meet the 18 Black Women Running for a Seat in Congress” goes on to say “This midterm election is one to watch with all 435 seats in the U.S. House up for grabs. Meet the 18 Black women vying for a congressional seat”. What the article fails to do however is profile any of the 6 black Republican women that are running. This blatant disregard of black women based on politics is no different than discriminating them based on their race. This however is a regular practice when it comes to the party of #MeToo, women`s equality, minority rights, etc. Democrats have a long history of attacking people of color, people who are lgbtq, women, and minorities in general when they attempt to leave the democrat plantation. We`ve documented many of these cases including Black Trump supporters being attacked here and here, a gay Jewish man being attacked, harassment against a black female 2nd Amendment supporter and so on. There are many more of these cases but these are just a few examples.

These double standards from the party of tolerance is why many are now part of the #WalkAway movement. As for black Americans in general, Candace Owens has been instrumental in launching the #Blexit movement. We`ve posted in the past about how the democrat party`s policies have destroyed the black family. This makes #Blexit an idea who`s time has come

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