The Violent Left: More Threats To Congressmen & Republican Campaign Office Shot At

In this post Obama era, the violent left has been incensed after losing power and has taken to committing many acts of violence against Republican politicians. We`ve documented as many of these stories as we come across from threats against the children of politicians to attacks on the politicians themselves. This is yet another to add to the very real threat that is the violent left. 19 year old Pierre Alexandro Verges-Castro has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Congressman Carlos Curbelo. The threat blatantly stating “I will kill Carlos Curbelo” was made via twitter and was “liked” by several other accounts. This is the culture of violence the left has created, egged on by reckless rhetoric from mass media, Hollywood hacks and democrat politicians themselves. Democrats need to disavow and reign it in.

While threats against Republican politicians are regularly occurring, attacks on their campaign offices have also become commonplace. This past Monday was no exception as shots were fired into the Florida Volusia County Republican Party`s office. Fortunately no one was injured in this attack but police are still looking for suspects, which means more attacks could be likely.

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