Don Lemon Says Stop Demonizing People, Demonizes White Men In The Same Sentence

Don Lemon, one of the hosts from Cnn, or better known as #CnnSucks, recently made an impassioned statement saying that “We have to stop demonizing people…”. That would be a good statement on it`s own, but ironically however he followed it up with “and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men…” and that “…we have to start doing something about them...”

Once again CNN is trying to gaslight you. These are the people who pick and choose statements from President Trump and makes conspiracy theories about them being “dog whistles” to this or that. This coming from the same network that says President Trump`s rhetoric is divisive. Well to say that white men are the biggest threat to the country and that something needs to be done bout them goes beyond a “dog whistle”. It can be argued that Don Lemon is calling not just for violence against white males, but for the genocide of an entire group of people based solely on his prejudiced towards them based on their race and gender. This is the state of American media. This is the state of the party of tolerance. What`s sad is that there are still plenty of “f*cking white males” with Stockholm syndrome who will defend this hatred against themselves.

Btw, 43 people were shot in Obama`s hometown of Chicago over the Halloween weekend. 5 of them were killed. I guess you can chalk that up to President Trump and white male terrorism. šŸ˜›

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