Suspect Arrested For AntiSemitic Vandalism Identifies As Queer And Was A Former Obama Campaign Volunteer

26 year old James Polite was arrested last week and charged with four counts of criminal mischief as a hate crime and making graffiti after messages including “Die Jew Rats” were written in black marker in the hallway of a historic Brooklyn Synagogue. ABC 7 in New York says that Polite is also charged with a string of arson fires in Williamsburg, including one at a yeshiva and another at a Jewish banquet hall. Just last year The New York Times profiled James in a piece that celebrated him for overcoming his years in foster care as well as living his life as a queer man who found purpose in doing volunteer work for the Obama campaign as well as interning for Manhattan democrat Christine C. Quinn whom he met at gay pride rally in 2008. It was then that Quinn (who at the time was a city council speaker) asked him to intern for her, which resulted in years of work including her unsuccessful run for mayor in 2013.

There has been no explanation as to a possible motivation by James in these acts and whether they were actually hate crimes or intended to be false flags, but it should be noted that he is yet another in a string of antisemitic vandalism incidents where the perp turned out to be a person of color. The lack of outrage from mass media when such things do not fit their narrative and the perp is a poc is rather disgusting. It makes you wonder what their true agenda is and whether or not they actually care about fighting racism and hate or only when they can blame and attack White Americans for it.

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