Mass Shooting At Toddler`s Birthday Party Leaves 4 Dead. National Media Silent

This is one of these stories that leaves you wondering why it was not headlines on national news like other similar incidents are. We have noticed a pattern however and as best as we can tell it seems that mass media tries to cover up or ignore mass shootings when they don`t fit their narrative. Several other examples can be found here including a church shooting in Tennessee by a Sudanese immigrant.

In this case, an argument between two families at a 1 year old`s birthday party in Taft, Texas led to 4 people being killed including a 62 year old man. 20 year old Ronnie Rodriguez Jr was later arrested (and somehow let free on just a $50,000 bail) while police were still searching for his 37 year old father Ronnie Rodriguez Sr. Fortunately no children were injured in the shooting. Again, we have to wonder why a mass shooting at a toddlers birthday party that left 4 people dead was not national news. What is the media`s real agenda?

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