Tech Tyranny: Youtube Bans User For Punching Feminist In A Video Game

The levels of tyranny from the tech industry in enforcing thought control has gotten way out of hand. The latest is from youtube user Shirrako@ShirrakoGaming who was banned after punching a feminist / NPC in the new Red Dead Redemption. As Big League Politics wrote:

YouTube banned the user who created the viral video “Red Dead Redemption 2 – Beating Up Annoying Feminist” claiming it advocated violence, in spite of allowing other game play videos from the popular video game, which requires the player to commit bank robberies, train robberies, massive shooting sprees, theft, and kidnapping in the course of playing the game, to remain on the platform.  

You can read that entire article here. We`ve documented many articles on Tech Tyranny as well as tyranny from the banks and credit card companies when it comes to deplatforming people and banning them from their services in an effort to enact thought control. You can also listen to our 2 part podcast series on it here and here

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