Suspects Wanted In Beating & Carjacking Of 78 Year Old Man

Four suspects have been arrested in a violent beating and carjacking of a 78 year old man in Las Vegas, and police are still looking for 2 more. The violent attack took place outside of a restaurant where the 78 year old victim had got out of his car to go into a restaurant. He was immediately set on by 3 males described by police as slim built black males in their late teens to early 20`s. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Captain Laz Chavez reported that “This man provided no resistance, and yet these men savagely beat him, took his car keys, took his cell phone, and even after they retrieved all that, they went back and beat him some more,”. The disturbing video is below.

Police later learned that 2 other carjackings also occurred that day both of which also included elderly victims. Two juvenile males and two juvenile females have since been arrested and police are still looking for two more. Fortunately no one was killed in these attacks.

We posted here about this trend of carjacking the elderly and vulnerable, even leading to the deaths of their innocent victims. Meanwhile, the marxist mainstream media outlets have been running stories about white people calling the cops on black people “for no other reason other then just because they are black”, and they claim that this is indicative of white racism. As evidenced by this carjacking as well as other similar stories, that theory is bunk. As we mentioned hereThis type of theorizing that white racism is the only thing to blame for prejudices is harmful to the black community for more than one reason. First because it is an attempt to ignore their own actions and absolve them as just “white racism”, and secondly it creates a prejudice against whites who they assume are all racist. It does neither group of people a service.

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