Mass Media Reports Spike In Hate Crimes, Ignores Black Perps & Left`s AntiSemitism

The anti Trumper`s in mass media and America in general are falling all over themselves over a new FBI report showing that hate crimes have gone up. “Blame Trump! This is Trump`s America! Republicans are nazis!” are the comments on social media, but what else would you expect from a bunch of NPC`s? It`s true that the left has done it`s best to condition people that hate crimes are only committed by “F*cking white males!”, but if you are a person capable of critical thinking who looks at news other than the leftist propaganda shoveled out by the #FakeNews outlets and organizations then you know this is not true. In fact we`ve documented many hate crimes committed by poc, including one in which a 24 year old black man set a 69 year old white guy on fire in a Denny`s, but I`m sure you didn`t hear about that one. There are many more as well that are covered up including attacks in which the perps openly stated that they were targeting white people, one of which being a black serial killer who killed 6 white people. You can read through those here.

Aside from the above mentioned hate crimes we`ve also documented many antisemitic incidents, however you won`t find mainstream news reporting things like the fact that in one week in New York there were 15 attacks on Jewish institutions all committed by black perps. Last year a string of phone threats to Jewish schools and institutions was also discovered to have been committed by a leftist Bernie Sanders reporter and an Israeli teen.

When it comes to antisemitism in general, we`ve pointed out that while it is mostly contained to the fringe on the right, leftist college professors, politicians and activists have made it mainstream. It was pointed out here that antisemitism appeared to spike to it`s highest level on college campuses under the Obama administration, yet mass media was silent about this. Since then riots have even taken place on some campuses with the goal to stop Jewish speakers. As far as mainstream organizations, it is so ingrained in leftist activist organizations that a German NGO has canceled a ceremony to present the U.S. Woman`s March with a human rights award due to the antisemitism of people involved with it. Linda Sarsour was even a featured activist used to promote the new Ben & Jerry`s ice cream. These are just a few things to keep in mind when you hear of a spike in hate crimes. As we asked before, how will leftist fundraising groups deal with the antisemitism of the new left?

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