Hate Crime Attack: 60 Year Old Man Attacked By Man Saying Whites Are The Devil. National Media Silent

Just this past week the FBI released a report saying that hate crimes were up. We reported here that the #FakeNews outlets are using it to advance their narrative and stir up the NPC`s into blaming President Trump, Republicans, and “F*cking white males!”.  We also reported what the #FakeNews left out, the number of hate crimes in which whites were victims that were committed by poc. This story here is yet another one that national media is ignoring. A 60 year old white man in a Bronx pizzeria had his eye socket broken after being attacked by a black man who was reported as saying that white people were the devils of the world. Chris Bilcik says that the man followed him around the restaurant at one point sitting at his table moving his items saying ‘You’re a white boy, you’re not a man,” When Blicik tried to leave he was attacked.

Again, this is just one of many hate crimes that has gone unreported by mass media and exposes their bias in reporting on hate crimes. Had the roles been reversed and you can be sure you`d hear about it. We`ve posted many other similar stories in the past here. Ask yourself why such stories don`t receive the same attention. What is mass media`s real agenda?

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