Mass Media Gets Egg On Their Face Promoting Story About “Hate” During Fiddler On The Roof Play

This was the big news of the day yesterday and evidence of “Trump’s America”. I figured it was a democrat from the start, but mass media immediately jumped on the hate crime narrative and got egg on their face. What happened? The headlines were ablaze yesterday with the story that “Man shouts Heil Trump! Heil Hitler! at Fiddler On The Roof play”. Some headlines were even followed up with “I was scared I was going to hear gunshots next”. Yes, as the headline stated- a man stood up during intermission and yelled the phrases, but what wasn`t reported was that the man did so out of his hatred for President Trump. This lack of reporting led to a social media firestorm with people once again saying “Blame Trump! This is Trump`s America! Republicans are nazis!” To their credit The Baltimore Sun did admit this, but not until several hours after the original article was posted. The article states that 58 year old Anthony M. Derlunas had been drinking heavily and according to the police report “Derlunas said that the final scene of the play before intermission had reminded him of his hatred for the president, which is why he shouted. He was confused when people around him became angry. The officer deduced “that his intention was to express his dislike for President Donald Trump.” Of course no other outlets have done so yet that I have seen, leaving everyone once again to get riled up again over a fake hate crime and further discrediting mass media`s reporting. While stories like a man yelling something offensive in a theater did make national news, the story of a 60 year old white man who was attacked by a black man yelling that whites are the devil was nowhere to be found.

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