The Border, Gassings, And Media Manipulation

A woman in a photo dragging kids is the newest emotional propaganda piece from the anti American left designed to enrage the gullible. As always, the left operates on emotion, not logic, so it makes sense that a photo like this would be plastered all over every mass media outlet. With every outlet running the same headline with the same story, it`s almost as if there were some kind of collusion leading up to it. But anyway, the picture has flashed across your tv screen and shared over and over on social media attempting to bring horror to your very soul the same way Alex DeLarge was subjected to the Ludovico Technique in A Clockwork Orange. As always however, this technique only works on the emotionally handicapped like Alyssa Milano, who become so emotionally unhinged they become mental slaves and cannot be subject to any other opinion.

Those capable of critical thinking can recognize the emotion attached to such forms of propaganda, but recognize it as such and don`t always take things at face value. For instance, when you look at past propaganda pieces like the “iconic” picture of the Guatemalan girl being “separated from her mother by border security” and remember that they lied to you about it, you take a step back and examine it in full. In a court of law, you do not listen to only one side of a story, you get the entire story and then make an educated decision based on all the facts you have been exposed to.

Likewise, when you see mass media and the anti American left ranting and raving about “Trump teargassing women and children”, and realize that the Obama used tear gas on or around the border at least 80 times with no outrage, you realize that their outrage is fake. But if you want to be played as a fool and be a tool to their agenda that`s up to you.

RACISM!! That is another emotional ploy used by the anti American left. They say that only racists, or in other words “F*cking white males!” oppose the “migrant caravans”. This was proven false when when residents of Tijuana held mass protests against those who illegally entered their city and country. Furthermore, the majority of legal Mexican American citizens oppose illegal immigrants as well. Also keep in mind the the same people who are up in arms about America defending it`s border against those trying to enter illegally are the same ones who celebrated the death of the missionary who tried to go to the remote North Sentinel Island.

This push for accepting anyone and everyone is a part of the anti American left`s borderless agenda to destroy the foundation of our country and radically transform it. There`s a quote that says “You can`t have a first world nation with a third world population”, and this holds true. The radical left democrats want a slave class voting block to put them in power to enact their socialist utopia at your expense. Just remember how many people socialist utopia`s have murdered and starved to death in the last 100 years.

In the end, don`t let yourself be emotionally manipulated, always look at both sides, and realize that the propaganda they are spewing is not done so in the interest of humanity, it`s to use you as a tool to advance the radical left`s agenda.

*This post has been updated with a supplemental podcast. Listen here

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