Local Media Calls A Swing A Noose And Uses It To Do A News Segment On Hate

The local media stations here have been getting roasted on social media lately for pushing so much fake propaganda. Two of the more notable recent incidents involved racist graffiti at Goucher College as well as a guy that yelled “pro Trump and pro nazi slogans” during a play of Fiddler On The Roof. In the Goucher incident, racist graffiti was found on the college campus, and even though several similar incidents at other local colleges turned out to be fake hate crimes, local media couldn`t help making this a headline story. As it turned out, the Goucher college one turned out to be fake too. In an effort to keep the racism narrative going however, after Arthur Flynn was arrested and charged with writing the graffiti, none of the outlets ran his name or the fact that he was black until later. Many commenters on the social media pages for these news outlets saw through it and lambasted them, calling them out for creating racism through deceptive and one sided reporting.

Another local story in which local media got egg on it`s face was when a man stood up and yelled “Heil Hitler!, Heil Trump!” during a play of Fiddler On The Roof at the Baltimore Hippodrome. All of the local media outlets ran this story and used it to push the “evil racist nazi republican” narrative. Again, right from the start many commenters on the social media pages for these news outlets stated that this was probably another fake incident and that the guy was probably a democrat. As it turned out, yes the guy later admitted to being anti Trump, and said he did it in protest of President Trump

You`d think the local media would calm down a little bit, but this past week they actually doubled down on stupid. Stories started coning across my news feed about a noose found in Patterson Park. As usual, based on the trends in society, my first thought was that it was planted there as a fake hate crime. Later, people started posting pictures of this “noose” and it became apparent that no, this was not a noose, it was a swing that you put your foot in and swing on. As you can guess, all of these outlets were ridiculed to the max on social media. Nevertheless local news continued to run with this story, and at least one outlet did an evening news tv segment on it combining it with the fake story of the man who yelled out during the Fiddler On The Roof play using them as evidence of the “rising tide of hate”.  Yes, this is the state of mass media, and this is why they`ve lost all credibility

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