Best Economy In Years Under Trump. Democrats Want To Impeach The M*therfucker

*The economy is booming.
*Record low unemployment for everyone of every race and gender.
*NAFTA renegotiated in favor of American workers and companies.
*Record GDP
*Lower taxes and higher wages.
*Lowest gas prices in almost 20 years.

*Democrats want to impeach the motherf*cker.

Via Forbes:

312,000 Jobs Added In December, Manufacturing Growing 714% Faster Under Trump Than Obama

The employment results are clear: in the last two years of President Obama’s administration, our elites declared manufacturing dead while government added six times the jobs the number of jobs our factories added; while in two years of President Trump’s economic policies, our factories have added five times more employees than government. This is the formula for a stronger, more prosperous America.”

Read the full article here

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