MAGA Hat Kid & Drum Beating Guy. A Lesson In Emotional Propaganda & Media Manipulation

Fake News Alert!! I’m sure you’ve seen the video of the kid in the MAGA hat staring down the guy beating the drum in his face. It`s been all over social media and shared by mainstream mass media the last 2 days as the latest incident of white racism. The 30 second clip shows Indian activist Nathan Phillips (drum beating guy) beating a drum in a white kids face. The kid who is wearing a MAGA hat appears to be staring him down. He did not yell anything, he did not attack him, and he did not mock him, however, because this is a “F*cking White Male!” the left is in a frenzy and calling this racism. Of course whenever something causes such an uproar on social media you can bet that there is more to the story then what this 30 second clip shows.

It was few and far between but after trying to look it up more what I was seeing was that these were Catholic school students from out of state waiting to be taken to the March For Life Rally, and despite the narrative being propagated online, evidence shows that they were the ones who were harassed by adult protesters. The official story was that drum beating guy was peacefully beating his drum when he was surrounded by a group of racist “F*cking White Males!”. This short clip was the first I found yesterday that actually showed drum beating guy walking into the group of them. That is backed up by the longer video posted below.

Today a new video backing that up was shared that showed a completely different story then the “official story”. The almost 2 hour long video posted below involves a group that was completely left out of any previous stories- The Black Hebrew Israelites. As seen clearly in it, it was the black israelites who were originally harassing the Indians as well as making homophobic and anti white statements in general. After about an hour of anti white harassment from the black israelites, you see the students gathering on the steps, apparently being tired of the racist insults shouted by the black israelites. Then at about an hour and 12 minutes into the video, out of nowhere drum beating guy proceeds to walks into the group of kids. MAGA hat kid then stood his ground while drum beating guy stood in his face beating a drum and chanting. Again, he did not yell anything, he did not attack him, and he did not mock him. He is being targeted for simply for being a “F*cking white male!” who stood his ground. Had this been a grown ass “F*cking white male!” walking up to some random black kid who stares him down while he stands in his face beating a drum and making noise, the black kid would be hailed as a hero.

As always, the question needs to be asked as to why a 30 second clip of the MAGA hat kid staring at drum beating guy made national news when over 2 hours of racist, homophobic, anti white and anti Indian rhetoric from the black israelites is being ignored. This is yet another lesson in how the radical left and their cohorts in mass media use emotional propaganda to manipulate you, and you`re a sucker if you fell for it. Furthermore, as the left hates The Right To Life Rally, Christians and “F*cking white males!” who stand their ground, they are using this maliciously edited video to call for MAGA hat kid and any other kids involved to be expelled from their school. These kids need our support. Contact info for the school is here. I`d urge everyone to contact them telling them do not bow to leftist pressure and bullying efforts to suspend these kids.

As for drum beating guy- Indian activist Nathan Phillips, in order to further claim a moral high ground and appeal to “the right”, the same left that spit on soldiers returning from the Vietnam war are now deifying him for being a veteran. Phillips however is not without controversy. As mentioned, he is an activist with a long list of credentials. He also has another claim of being attacked by a mob of white racists in 2015 involving a group of 30-40 students at a house party. The alleged party in question was supposedly being held by college students who were dressed in Indian regalia in support of their former mascot who was deemed politically incorrect and changed to an Eagle. Phillips says he was called over and the students told him that it was a party celebrating Indian culture, at which time Phillips told them they were racist, leading to a confrontation where Phillips says he was verbally and physically attacked. Phillips said he called the cops but later said “By the time police got there, it was like there was no party there at all,”.

In the past, Nathan has been involved with the Dakota Pipeline Protests and was also featured in a video by Skrillex and Damian Marley fighting against wealth inequality. According to, Phillips is also director of the non-profit Native Youth Alliance where he’s known as Uncle Nate. The photo posted is from the indigenous people`s march this past weekend. Notice the upside down American flag wrapped around the girl.

In closing, once again, don`t let yourself be manipulated by the propaganda of the moment, because as always the left operates on emotion over reality, and they are expecting you to be a sucker and fall for it. Ask yourself why mass media is silent on such issues and what their real agenda is. And let MAGA hat kid be an inspiration in standing up to leftist tyranny and please contact the school in support of these kids. These are the battles in the culture war, so please share this post to get the truth out.

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