Democrat Election 2020 Foreplay

Music & News For The Culture War:

The Democrat Election 2020 Foreplay


Don Lemon says Kamala Harris isn’t black enough to lead the black community.

Critics say she was too conservative and served on the wrong side of history as California`s attorney general

Former San Fransisco Mayor Willie Brown says that during the course of their relationship, he helped Kamala`s political career. Is this the kind of inspiration for women that the #MeToo movement condones?

The progressive left as well as contributor to black outlet ‘The Root’ says Cory “Big Pharma” Booker is an establishment democrat.

Cory`s “Tears Of Rage” moment calls into question his mental fitness to hold office.

While jumping on unsubstantiated claims of sexual abuse by Brett Kavanaugh, accusations against Cory Booker have not been addressed in the same capacity.

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