Democrat Leader Ocasio-Cortez Gets 0 Senate Votes In Support Of Green New Deal. Gets Trolled By Senator Mike Lee

Democrat leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez`s Green New Deal received a damning rebuke yesterday as a vote brought forth in the senate received 0 votes. Not a single democrat voted for this atrocity of a bill which is estimated to cost over $93 billion, and several democrats wound up joining with republicans in voting against it making the final vote 57-0.  We`re curious as to why no democrats voted on the Green New Deal. Democrat leader Ocasio-Cortez says it was because she told them not to take a vote on it, but the more likely reality is that they know a vote to support their leaders bill could be a job ending vote. Seeing as how climate change is our World War 2 and that if we don`t combat it the world will end in 12 years, you`d think saving humanity from farting cows would be worth the risk.

In a related note, Senator Mike Lee seems to have really triggered the left with his speech in opposition to the Green New Deal which, among other things included a picture of Ronald Reagan shooing a machine gun while riding a dinosaur carrying an American Flag. In his speech he even references one of the greatest movie series ever- Sharknado 😀 You can watch that speech in the video below posted from his youtube page

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