Attack On Journalists. Kaitlin Bennet Thrown Out Of Public Bernie Sanders Rally Projection, it`s a theme we`ve posted about several times now. It`s when the left accuses you of doing what they are doing. This time it has to do with freedom of the press. The left says that President Trump is a danger to the free press, that we are living in dark days for journalists, that the 1st Amendment is under attack, etc. As is apparent, there is no single group of people more dedicated to stifling free speech than the left. What`s even more disturbing is when the people stifling free speech and freedom of the press are political candidates. We posted before about Andrew Gillum having conservative journalist Laura Loomer thrown out of a synagogue where he was holding an event prior to the Florida gubernatorial election. Now we have journalist Kaitlin Bennet thrown out of a public Bernie Sanders rally with no reason given other then that she wasn`t wanted there. Kaitlin is a pro 2nd Amendment advocate who received national attention when she posted her graduation photo carrying an AR-10 rifle on Kent State campus to protest the college`s anti gun laws. She has since been involved with journalism for Infowars as well as Liberty Hangout, a growing libertarian media outlet. When a Youngstown Ohio news outlet WFMJ asked the Sanders campaign for a reason why she was thrown out of the public rally they replied “We are disappointed the people of the Youngstown community are being shown on the local broadcast news content from InfoWars, a white supremacist platform that has been banned from YouTube, Apple and Facebook for hate speech and targeting the parents of children who died in Sandy Hook.” Read that again. They not only double down on censoring a journalist, but they slander her as a white supremacist and then condemn another news outlet for allowing her to speak about it. If the left had their way they would ban her as well as anyone else they disagree with from news outlets the same way their cohorts have banned Infowars from youtube, apple and facebook under the guise of hate speech. This is what true fascism and attack on journalism looks like. This is the left stifling dissent of people they do not agree with and who challenge their narrative. This is the left slandering people and inciting violence against them. These people are the true threats to democracy.

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