The Violent Left. Immigrant Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat

Another day another attack from The Violent Left. Last Saturday an immigrant from Togo was allegedly attacked while walking in his neighborhood in Germantown, Maryland. Atsu Nable says he was walking off his dinner and enjoying the weather when 2 men approached him and started harassing him over his hat telling him to take it off. Nable says he refused and tried to walk away when he was hit from behind and knocked down where they continued to punch him. 27 year old Jovan Crawford and 25 year old Scott Roberson were later arrested and charged with second-degree assault and several other offenses. The pair were also charged with robbery as they took his phone and destroyed it after Atsu took a picture of them.

Atsu, who volunteered for Trump`s 2017 inauguration, says he will continue to wear his hat with no fear. As an immigrant who moved here in 2007 and has since become a citizen he said  “I came here for freedom” and that he has a right to his political beliefs.

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