Man Sentenced In “Hate Crime” Church Fire

The man who admitted to setting fire to a black Mississippi church was sentenced to 10 years in prison on May 2. The fire which took place a week before the 2016 presidential election was originally labeled a hate crime by mass media received national outrage. The words “Vote Trump” were also spraypainted on the side of the church which sent the leftist mob into even more of a frenzy. A month later Andrew McClinton, a black congregate of the church was arrested for the fire. What was curious in his case however is that while he admitted to setting the fire, he never admitted to spraypainting “Vote Trump”. According to District Attorney Dewayne Richardson, McClinton who has previous felony convictions allegedly set the fire to cover up “illicit activities” he was involved in at the church. Members of the church were to meet at the church the next day to discuss the activities.

The question here is, if McClinton didn`t spraypaint “Vote Trump” on the church, who did? Was it someone from the local media who wanted to create another national outrage like Trayvon Martin, Jussie Smollet or Smirking MAGA Hat Kid?

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