San Francisco Police Raid Journalist: Leftist`s Projection & Hypocrisy In Being An Enemy Of The Free Press

We`ve talked about projection plenty of times. Democrats and the left have made a well known practice of it lately. See here.  We`ve also noted how they repeatedly claim that Trump is a danger to the free press, while simultaneously ignoring the very real incursions on the free press committed by their own. This is another one of those instances. An article here from The Washington Examiner titled “San Francisco’s mayor shows the country what a real attack on the free press looks like” discusses how the mayor of San Francisco is backing a raid on a journalist who wouldn`t release the name of a confidential source. Read the entire article here

Once again, projection is when the left says Trump is an enemy of the press. Hypocrisy is when they ignore when their own side does it. Totalitarianism is the outcome. It is the state of censorship and financial terrorism the left is currently using against people who dissent and it doesn`t care what race you are, what gender you are, or what nationality you are. The current situation shouldn`t be taken lightly, you are literally an election away from complete tyranny. Get out and get involved!

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