Smithsonian Wants Migrant Kid`s Drawings. What about Baltimore City School Kid`s Drawings?

The Smithsonian has jumped on the left`s newest bandwagon of outrage and said they want drawings “migrant children” have made depicting their detainment after being illegally brought into the country. The museum stated that they have “… a long commitment to telling the complex and complicated history of the United States and to documenting that history as it unfolds.” We`re curious as to whether they’ll also take drawings from Baltimore city school kids of their classmates bundled up in blankets because there’s no heat, or drawings of Baltimore City school kids suffering through classes in the spring because there`s no air conditioning, or just documenting the history of the conditions of Democrat run Baltimore City schools in general.

My prediction is no. It should be noted that the democrats recently deleted a tweet showing kids in obama cages after realizing the pictures were from the Obama era, which once again and as we stated in our last podcast shows they do not care about these people, they just want to use their plight to pander for votes. When Obama did it there was silence, but now that they have lost power they are using it as a way to get that power back. You`re being played.

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