Water Meant For Puerto Rican Hurricane Victims Dumped On Farmland & Officials Arrested For Corruption

Remember after Puerto Rico was devastated by hurricanes and mass media and the left went on a rampage criticizing President Trump for the way he handled the crisis and accused the administration of not doing enough to help rebuild the island? Remember when they had San Juan mayor Carmen Cruz on every channel yelling that they needed help because people were dying? Remember how we told you this was bs, that the evidence was there that they were sabotaging the relief efforts and letting people suffer just to try and paint President Trump as incompetent? Well that evidence is coming out more and more. Just this past week the AFP ran a story about how tens of thousands of water bottles meant for hurricane victims are sitting in a field. In our article here we posted links from NPR as well as other outlets that talked about how relief supplies weren`t  being distributed. The majority of mass media however ignored those complaints and instead chose to go with pushing the narrative that Trump was incompetent. That makes them complicit in these people`s suffering. The fact that all of these people in media and government were willing to let these people suffer just to target a political opposition tells you everything you need to know about them. They do not care about you, they only care about power and they`d gladly sacrifice you to get that power.

On a related note, 6 government officials were arrested for theft, money laundering and wire fraud earlier last month.

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