Connor Betts Was An Antifa And Elizabeth Warren Supporter. His Twitter Is Filled With Disturbing & Violent Radical Left Tweets

It’s interesting looking at mass media and the stories they are reporting. On one case you have a guy who may or may not have written a manifesto that hasn’t been verified that the media and democrat politicians is calling a white supremacist in order to push an agenda. On the other hand you have a guy who has very real verifiable links to radical left Democrats and antifa and that is being completely ignored. Below are some of the disturbing tweets from Connor`s twitter that for some reason mass media has not acknowledged #KnowYourPsyop #AntifaAreDomesticTerrorists

It`s also come out that Connor was a singer for a gore grind band in the violent antifa oriented music scene. In this article from it talks about his involvement in that music scene as well as how Kim Kelley a writer for teen vogue who was recently fired from npr because of her antifa ties, organized antifa concerts. One of the bands he was affiliated with- Neckbeard Deathcamp tweeted that Connor was not leftist, but an antifascist. In another tweet they state how leftist`s that treat women bad are pretty common in their scene. For the record, it should be stated that antifa = antifascist the same way a hamburger = ham.

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