16 Year Old Killed & 2 Other Teens Shot In 1 Of 3 Mass Shootings In Baltimore In The Last 3 Days. National Media Silent

There were three more mass shootings in Baltimore on three different nights, making these the latest of several in the democrat run city this year.  In the first case several teenagers were shot when someone open fired from a van as it drove down the street on the 2500 block of East Monument Street. Four people were hit including a 14 and 15 year-old boy and a 33 year-old woman. Tragically a 16 year old boy who was also shot did not survive.

The following night four more people were shot inside a home including 1 male and 3 females with one of the females being killed. One thing I`ve noticed in Baltimore is that there are a lot of women who are shot. I don`t know how other cities are, but hearing about women being shot is quite common on the local news here.

Last night 4 men were shot on North Monroe Street. Three were shot in the leg and one man in the chest.

In all of these cases the local news outlets reporting on these latest mass shooting are not referring to them as mass shootings, but as quadruple shootings. None of these are national news either. Just last May a 1 and 2 year old were among the victims also shot in a mass shooting, but like these latest ones national media is silent, focusing instead on ones that tie into their agenda.

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