Greta Thunberg, Eco- Anxiety, & Child Abuse. Links Included

Greta Thunberg is the emotional unstable mess of a child that is the result of brainwashing climate control propaganda. She is just one of thousands of children who are being fed this propaganda in their schools, through tv, and through targeted online outlets, who feel like they have no lives ahead of them, who don’t want to have children when they get older, who think they are literally going to die in 12 years.

What’s worse is that the people using her to push their socialist agenda (disguised as sAvINg ThE eRTh!) make a hero out of her and put her all over the the television, talk about her in school, and feature her in targeted online outlets because they know other children will listen to her, and this way they can use her to can scare them as well.

It short, it is nothing short of mental abuse, and it is child abuse. They are scaring these kids and they are destroying their mental well being, with “eco- anxiety” being the new medical diagnosis that will inevitably lead to even more kids being put on psychotropic drugs. Climate change- formerly called global warming ten years ago, which was the depleted ozone layer ten years before that, which was the acid rain scare ten years before that, which was the coming ice age ten years before that, is not an environmental issue, it is an Agenda 21 socialist wealth redistribution and control scam. And they should be ashamed for using kids and inflicting this abuse on them for their political goals.

A couple related articles linked below

WALSH: Greta Thunberg Is A Child Abuse Victim

The devastating rise of ‘eco-anxiety’: Psychologist says schoolkids are being damaged by the climate change debate

Epidemic of Kids Treated for ‘Eco-Anxiety’ over Climate Change

An extremely informative article from Forbes about the origins of climate change here: Remember The Acid Rain ‘Scare’? Global Warming Hysteria Is Pouring Down

1989: U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked

Ocasio-Cortez`s Chief Of Staff Admits Green New Deal Is About Economic Change, Not Climate Control

Global Warming? World`s Fastest Shrinking Glacier Is Growing Again

In this new video Mini AOC speaks more sense then any of these climate change conspiracy theory alarmists 😀

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