The Totalitarian Left: Kamala Harris Wants President Trump Kicked Off Twitter

Censorship, financial terrorism, gaslighting, projection, it can go on and on. These are the tactics of the totalitarian left. You can browse through our archive here to see many examples of this. To get support for violating the Constitutional rights of Americans, it started under the guise of banning “white supremacy”, but as always the left never stops moving the goal post. Today they are banning anyone who challenges their narrative whether they are white, black, Jewish, etc. Most recently, presidential candidate Kamala Harris has repeatedly called on Twitter to ban President Trump. It should be noted that Twitter is how President Trump speaks directly to Americans unfiltered to counter the bias of negative mass media hit pieces as well as expose democrat corruption. The totalitarian left however do not want those of opposing views to be able to speak. They know they cannot argue with you because they use emotion over reality, so they turn to violence and censorship to shut you down while claiming to protect you from violence and censorship.

In reality, the only thing the left had to be able to hold on to power and create the matrix was control of the media, but in this internet age where everyone has an equal voice their matrix has been exposed and is falling apart. They are scared and have resorted to totalitarian censorship and financial terrorism to silence those who fight against them in the culture war. These dystopian tactics need to be legally challenged and fought against. And make sure you’re registered to vote in the next election. You think things are bad now? Wait till they get power.

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