2 More Mass Shootings In Baltimore Leave 3 dead

2 more mass shootings occurred in the gun controlled democrat run utopia of Baltimore last night. As usual they are not being called mass shootings by the majority of local news outlets, instead being called quintuple and quadruple shootings in the headlines. The first took place when two gunmen approached five people hanging out on a corner outside of a store and open fired. A man who was shot in the head and a woman who was shot in the chest were killed. A few hours later four people were shot in an apartment leaving a 19 year old dead. Meanwhile the city council is advancing bills to ban plastic bags as well as name a courthouse after Elijah Cummings. I`d think it would be more appropriate to name one of the beautiful streets in his Baltimore district after him where his legacy can be remembered by his voters.

Another issue the city is taking up is proposing a $1.19 million dollar plan to keep “kids” from harassing motorists at intersections for money under the guise of washing their windows. There have been over 1,200 complaints about these youthful entrepreneurs since June alone. The previous mayor likewise proposed a $2 million plan to reward 100 of these kids for harassing motorists and said she hoped the “private sector” would fund this. In other words, if you want the kids to stop harassing and assaulting you then you need to pay for it because the city isn`t going to do anything about it otherwise. The question is though- Who was to fund the next $2 million when 100 more kids pop up to take the old ones place harassing motorists?

Just last week a woman said she was surrounded in her BMW by a group of “squeegee kids” who began harassing her and blocked her from driving away. Between the harassment and the fact that violent carjackings are common place in Baltimore this woman obviously feared for her safety. As the owner of a lawful firearms carry permit, she took out her gun and made it known that she was armed. She said one young entrepreneur reached in her car and grabbed her arm at which time her gun discharged and they ran off. That is how you solve the problem. You allow the citizens of Baltimore the right to protect themselves, not treat violent offenders like victims and coddle them. This would be one of my platforms if running for mayor.

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