Good Guys With Guns Stop Bad Guy With Gun In Texas Church

You`ve all seen the video already, where a shooter goes into a Texas Church and immediately gets shot in the head by a Chad boomer after killing a man. If it had not been for an armed patron in the church this could have turned into a much worse scenario. In fact, it wasn`t just 1 armed man, but you see up to 10 different people inside the church drawing weapons. This is how you stop a bad guy with a gun and protect you and your fiends and family. The gun control crowd wants to prevent you from protecting your friends and family. They want to make you a victim. Thankfully (until mass immigration turns it blue) Texas is still run by a Constitutional Republican Governor and in September laws were passed allowing people to carry their guns in places of worship as well as other expanding the rights of gun owners in other places. It should be noted that these laws were condemned by Joe “Hairy Legs” Biden, the establishment`s democrat presidential pick.

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