Meme Alert: The Desperation Of Climate Change Activists

I`m sure by now everyone has heard about the Australia forest fires. They have devastated mass areas of land and sadly close to 20 people have died along with millions of animals. But have you heard the radical left`s conspiracy theory about the Australia forest fires? Like everything else, they are saying that the fires are because of climate change. Meanwhile, the NSW Police have announced that they have “taken legal action against more than 180 people for bushfire-related offences since late last year.” Several sites have also been posting that these fires are being deliberately set and attributing the fires to this arson instead of “climate change”. Leftist`s and their “fact checking sites” have all declared that this deliberate setting of fires being the cause is false, instead blaming the fires on a dry season in Australia and climate change.

The fact is that dry seasons happen. You might remember hearing in history class about The Dustbowl. The Dustbowl was an extremely dry period of time in the 1930`s that affected the Southern U.S. from Texas to Nebraska killing livestock and people and devastating the area with huge day long “black blizzards” of dust. Point is, is that these things happen, and like every other extreme weather event, have happened throughout history. The only difference now is that politicians have figured out that they can use it to enforce control over people using Agenda 21 policies as well as taxing them even more in the name of fighting it.

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