The Violent Left. Man Accused Of Killing His Pro Trump Boss. National Media Silent

Yesterday we posted two different stories of attacks from The Violent Left. Today we have another one that unfortunately is more tragic. According to the Orange County Sheriffs department in Florida, 28 year old Mason Trever Toney was arrested and charged with first degree murder in the death of his boss William Knight in January. Reports from their co workers state that while William was a supporter of President Trump, Toney held anti government views and was very outspoken about them. Witnesses said that on the morning of William`s death, that they heard him screaming and saw Toney stabbing him with a trowel, at which time he fled. A brand new American Flag was found laying on William leading to speculation that this was a premeditated politically motivated attack. Of course this story, like so many other attacks from the Violent Left has received little to no attention from the talking heads. Could you imagine the outrage had this been a Trump supporter who murdered some hard working peace loving tolerant democrat in a politically motivated attack? They`d be off the hook. As we stated yesterday, this is the psyop being run on the American people and this is why we need to support and keep independent media alive. More importantly, we need to demand that democrats condemn the actions of their own.

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