The Left’s Fake Outrage Over People Dying

If you’ve been on social media the last month or so, or watched any of the biased fake news outlets you’ll see over and over how Trump is to blame for people dying from the coronavirus. Never mind the fact that this disease spread because the communist government of China didn’t warn anyone that there was an outbreak. Never mind the fact that while President Trump was was taking steps to protect us by shutting down travel from China back in January, the democrats were just worried about trying to impeach him. Never mind that our democrat leaders were calling him a racist for doing so and encouraging people to fight this racism by saying there was no threat and encouraging people to go out and mingle. From Ocasio Cortez, to Bill de Blasio, to the Health Commissioner of New York City, to Nancy Pelosi herself, yet curiously none of these are talked about. All you hear from these people is “Trump’s to blame!”.

Just keep in mind that this is an election year and that there are people invested in emotionally manipulating you and spreading misinformation. If you want to put a cherry on top of it all, while the left is feigning outrage over people dying and blaming Trump, they are currently fighting states who have stopped them from killing babies. These people are sick.

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