The Totalitarian Left: Democrat Lawmaker Censured After Meeting With Trump

Karen Whitsett, a democrat state lawmaker who was suffering from coronavirus went to the White House 2 weeks ago and met with President Trump to credit him and hydroxychloroquine for her recovery. She thanked the President and Vice President for basically saving her life. For doing so Detroit’s 13th Congressional District Democratic Party said they will not only be censuring her but will withhold any future endorsements as well.

Such actions are how the totalitarian left attempts to keep people on their plantation and forces them to apologize, etc. To her credit she has not backed down, but instead has become more vocal and went on to call out the Michigan state democrat leadership including the governor. In fact, according to Fox2 (linked previously) she has flipped the script and “refused to meet electronically with local precinct delegates and party members”.

I say kudos to her. Anyone who bucks the left`s totalitarianism deserves your support no matter what party affiliation they are. Fighting and making changes within the party is definitely commendable as the attacks will be relentless. On the other hand, for those who are just completely fed up there is the #WalkAway Movement.

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