The “More People Have Died Than Were Killed In Vietnam” Psyop

One of the things I try to do with my blog is point out the psychological tactics that are used (especially by mass media) to condition you. You could more correctly call it what they call it- media programming. It’s no secret that mass media has been used by the powers that be in order to program in you a thought process and reaction to whatever the subject happens to be. Generally, once you see something being repeated on every news outlet who are all on the same message you know that there’s a psyop going on. One I’ve picked up on during this pandemic is the line that has been repeated over and over that- “More people have died from coronavirus than in Vietnam“.

Note that the number is at 58,220 for the number of Americans who died in Vietnam. Even though the official numbers are being questioned and some have been removed from the total, the official number of those who have died during this pandemic are higher than that, but the question is- Why don’t they say this about anything else? For instance, the CDC estimates that 12,000 and 61,000 deaths annually since 2010 can be blamed on the flu. I’ve never heard “More people have died from the flu this year than in Vietnam”. I’ve never heard “More people have died from tuberculosis this year than in Vietnam“, and so on. There is also now the claim that black Americans are getting infected at a higher rate but I’ve never heard “More black Americans have died from violence in democrat run cities than in Vietnam”.

In 2018 almost 600,000 people died from cancer and over 600,000 people died from heart disease, yet you can still go buy a fried chicken sandwich stuffed between 2 glazed donuts and a pack of cigarettes. And yes I know that no one is forcing people to smoke or eat such things and that the corona is transmitable, but you can’t pretend to care about one disease and try to stop it from spreading while encouraging other diseases. So when you hear things over and over like- “More people have died from coronavirus than in Vietnam” question the real agenda in this economy killing rights violating lockdown.

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