DOJ Drops Case Against Michael Flynn. The Hoax Is Being Exposed For Everyone

Russia Collusion! That was the charge from the moment Trump took office in order to take him down. It was talked about daily by mass media in order to force into the public’s head that it was real in order to try and paint the last election as illegitimate. While most people believed things that were being said had validity including many Trump supporters, a few were digging up things to prove otherwise. It was something I personally had been following from the beginning as well and from the things being uncovered as well as knowing that whenever all of mass media is on the same message that there is a psyop going on, everything I saw being uncovered led me to believe that this was in fact a hoax. I even did a podcast 2 years ago surrounding some of the details. You can listen to it here.

Now the DOJ has dropped the charges against Michael Flynn as more and more evidence is being uncovered to undoubtedly show that this was set up from the beginning by people in the government to take down an elected president that THEY opposed. That should disturb you as well as infuriate you. Not only did they ruin Michael Flynn’s life the last 4 years but Trump has been held up dealing with investigations due to a fake charge being propagated by the fake news instead of being able to work in the best interests of the American people. By the way, you know how the left says that Obama was the only president without a scandal? Well that’s called gaslighting. It looks as if this Russia Collusion hoax goes all the way up. No matter how much cnn, msnbc and all the other fake news outlets told you otherwise this was a complete and total hoax. What else might they be lying to you about?

Let’s just hope that these new revelations can start the swamp draining and that the next 4 years of Trump’s presidency allows our country to rise to it’s full potential.

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