Hate Hoax. Rashawn Smith Arrested For Alleged Online Threats

While hate hoaxes and fake hate crimes have become very popular in this post Obama era (read here), real everyday violence from the left has persisted all the while being blacked out by mass media. The way mass media has cherry picked what to report on and what not to has undoubtedly done severe damage to race relations in this country. The latest example is that of Ahmaud Abery. Before all the facts came out mass media once again jumped on this story and set a narrative into the heads of the public. You’d think that after NBC was caught editing the 911 call to make George Zimmerman look like he was racially profiling Trayvon Martin that people would take anything that comes from mass media with a grain of salt. As shown however, and especially with the way the public has been manipulated the last 4 years, people either don’t want to think for themselves or they allow emotional propaganda to override their ability to think for themselves. The latest case is that of the Ahmaud Abery shooting. The original story mass media was reporting was that he was just out for a jog when he was hunted down and shot and killed by white racists. This narrative is changing pretty quickly as more facts are being exposed but not before creating an extremely volatile situation. One of the examples can be found with that of Rashawn Smith who is accused of setting up a fake social media account in order to create more racial and political division.

Via Andy Ngo: Georgia state investigators have arrested and charged Rashawn Smith, 20, with making a terroristic threat. Smith is accused of being the person behind a hoax Facebook account of a racist white Trump supporter who promised to kill pro-Ahmaud Abery protesters in a mass shooting.

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