In This Quarantine The Internet Is Still Working, Amazingly

Well, the data shows that internet traffic is up with more and more people online during the quarantine. After all the doom and gloom surrounding how net neutrality would be the end of the internet though it’s kind of curious yet amazing at the same time that it is still working. That’s sarcasm of course. Just remember as a general rule- Leftist talking points are always wrong. Do you want to know why people keep falling for them? It’s because they frame their talking points around emotion, and the easily manipulated are more controlled by their emotions than reality.

As repetition is important and to keep you from falling for the next hoax I’ll say it again- No matter how much they try to invoke their “science” or anything else, leftist talking points are always wrong. They have an agenda, and that agenda is not in your best interest as free people.

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