Always Question The Narrative

Well, once again it looks like another left wing lie has been exposed. This one has to do with a photo of a man at the Michigan protest who is seen standing in front of a line of police yelling. The photo went viral with many on the left misidentifying the man and claiming that he was a “white supremacist” from California and using it to boost their narrative that the protesters were nothing but violent racists. As it turns out, and as usual, they got everything wrong. The man in the photo is not a “white supremacist” from California, he is a local marijuana rights activist who voted for Bernie Sanders. In fact, he said that he was upset with accusations that protesters were racist and blamed the media for pushing this narrative saying that they twist everything. Furthermore, he says that he was not indiscriminately yelling threats as the left had you believe, but he was yelling between the two cops he was standing in front of at a cop behind them who he said assaulted a woman the day before. But this is how fake news works. The left and their cohorts in mass media always jump on a story before facts are set in stone in order to push a narrative into the head of the public. They`ll use it to force corporations, politicians or whoever to do their bidding and push their agenda through before the dust even settles. It is the use of emotion over reality in issues which in most cases the narrative isn’t even legit. This is why you should always wait and do your own research instead of jumping on board a narrative, especially one that’s being pushed by the left.

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